Motor neuron diseases

Our care staff are given specific training on the different types of motor neuron disease and how to manage them. Our staff also understand that everyone is different and conditions and needs will vary, so our person centred care planning will ensure that the right interventions are provided at the right times. Additional support from supervisors is provided if required.


Spinal and brain injuries

We understand the sensitivities and complexity of supporting people with spinal or acquired brain injuries. Our team of carers are given the required training to manage all care needs, however with this type of care we provide additional support and training for staff, including accredited training courses through Headway, the brain injury association. We have helped support over 20 people with spinal or brain injuries.


specialist care
Learning disabilities

We have a dedicated team of carers, overseen by our Learning Disability Coordinator, to manage over 25 customers living with a learning disability. Our staff receive specific training to understand the different conditions, how to communicate effectively and how to engage with them. We work closely with the learning disability teams within Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea NHS trusts.


End of life/ palliative care

All staff undergo specific training in end of life/ palliative care during induction, this is refreshed annually. Central to the training is the heightened sensitivity required at such an important stage in someone’s life. We work with MacMillan nurses to deliver sensitive and person centred care to ensure people maintain their dignity in the final stages of their life.


Home from hospital/ respite care

We work with the hospital discharge teams at all the main hospitals in London to safely manage discharge from hospital. We can arrange hospital visits prior to discharge to understand the needs and the care requirements, we also liaise with nurses and Physiotherapists to ensure that rehabilitation continues seamlessly at home.


We also offer short term respite care for family carers if they need some time out, whether that be for a hour or two each week, or round the clock care for several weeks. We can set packages of care up very quickly in times of crisis.

Case Study

Jill is one of our customers and suffers from motor neuron disease. She has been receiving support from Healthvision since May 2013 and has kindly allowed us to share some of her experiences:
I have great team of carers who understand exactly what I need. Sarah and Michelle are my main carers and have been for about a year, if there is any change to that then Helen [Coordinator] will let me know. This is really important as I need people who know what they are doing and understand my condition. Healthvision have given the carers training to ensure they understand my condition and regularly supervise them to make sure they are doing a good job, which they are!! Helen is very good at rearranging my visits to fit around hospital appointments or when my nurse visits. I can’t thank Healthvision enough for the support they give me, I am able to lead as normal life as possible with their help.

I am very happy with the service provided by Healthvision. The support has been especially welcome as my needs can rapidly change yet they can always help me out”.

– Jill, Customer since 2013