Homecare & Support Services

Wanting to stay at home and retain independence is very important to most people. Our care services offer you or a loved one help when it is needed and as often as is required. We promote independence, allowing customers to remain in their own homes safely and comfortably while family and friends are reassured that their needs are being taken care of.

  • We ensure each customer has a small group of regular carers, so they get to know each other well. This allows us to get all the small things that are important right, from how a customer likes his/her tea through to daily routines. This allows a much higher quality of life.
  • Our care staff are very friendly, caring people. They are highly trained and undertake mandatory refresher training each year, so they are always up to date with the latest care practices.
  • Care Supervisors monitor each care package and communicate regularly with the carers so the package can be amended if care requirements change. This ensures that all customers get the care that they need.
  • We provide dignified, person-centred care, promoting independence.
  • We understand the importance of strong communication and keeping family updated with developments. We aim to put your mind at rest, knowing that your loved one is in good hands and that you will be notified of any changes
  • Care staff are trained to responsibly assist and prompt medication. We can help to manage medication to ensure that correct doses are taken at the correct times. Carers undertake ‘Care of Medicine’ training and re-take the training each year.
  • We have vast experience in caring for elderly customers with a wide variety of care needs.


Our home care services cover Central and West London.

Case Study

Mrs P is 86 years old and has lived alone since her husband died in 2008. She has always been fiercely independent and too proud to accept that she needed care. However, in mid-2015 her mobility and general health started to deteriorate, resulting in a couple of falls at home. Her daughter, June, had health issues of her own and was finding it difficult to provide enough support for her mother as she lived over an hour away. In August 2015, June contacted Healthvision and we arranged a joint visit to meet with Mrs P. At that meeting we discussed Mrs P’s needs, including keeping her safe from further falls while maintaining independence. We reassured Mrs P that carers are just there for support, she would still be encouraged to do everything for herself where possible. We told Mrs P to take time over the decision but also offered for her to meet some carers who we thought would be a good match. We were delighted when Mrs P agreed to meet some of the carers because shortly after that she identified who she would like as her main carer and she has been delighted with the service ever since.


“It was great to have the flexibility of choosing the carers and at the times Mum needed, so far they have been wonderful. It has been a huge relief for me and Mum just loves the carers. Thank you to all the team”.

– June, Mrs P’s daughter