Live-In Care & Support

We provide live-in care for people who want to continue to live safely and comfortably in their own home, without the daunting prospect of moving into residential facilities.

Live in care is a cost effective solution to receiving round the clock care, ensuring that someone is always on hand to provide the necessary support when required.

We allow you to tailor your package to your needs:

Managed Care

If you would like us to manage all aspects of your care, giving you complete peace of mind, then this option would suit you. We would recruit and employ live-in carers, providing them with ongoing supervision and support, whilst also monitoring your care package and regularly assessing your care needs. The cost of this ranges from £945 – £980 per week, depending on your needs.

Our live-in service covers London and the South East.


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Case Study

Mr G contacted Healthvision in July 2014 to discuss care options for his Aunt Faye, who was now living alone in a two bedroom flat in St Johns Wood, London. Faye had the onset of dementia, was physically frail and was also very lonely following the recent passing of her husband. Mr G was concerned that Faye’s safety and well-being was jeopardised by living alone and felt she needed more constant support. Mr G considered a residential placement, however despite her early signs of dementia Faye was able to articulate her desire to remain at home. We suggested that live-in care may suit Faye as it provided consistent support and company for her. It was agreed that we would assign an appropriate carer, someone who Faye could relate to and would make a good companion as well as carer. Within a few weeks we had identified Teresa, a mature carer with a lovely temperament. She and Faye were introduced and developed an immediate rapport. Teresa continues to care for Faye and live at her home. Because Mr G wants peace of mind that everything is in hand, we provide managed care, so we monitor Faye’s health and well being and provide supervision and support to Teresa. We have discussed a self-managed option, which would save Mr G some money, but he lives many hours away and prefers the peace of mind that Healthvision can step in immediately if there are any issues.

“Teresa is a wonderful carer and is so attentive to my aunt, the live-in arrangement works wonderfully as Teresa is able to help Faye throughout the day and make sure she is being cared for, is safe and has some company all the time. The alternative was a care home which neither Faye or I really wanted.”.

– Mr G, Next of Kin for Faye