Our Story

As the Managing Director, I have been involved in care since I was 18, providing care and support to people whilst studying at university. These experiences had a profound impact on me and inspired me to start a home care service which reflects the values and ethos that I learnt first hand.

That first job was at Healthvision New Zealand, founded by my parents in 1998. Ten years later, Healthvision UK was established. Drawing on all the experience and expertise which had made the New Zealand company so successful. Trust, reliability, compassion, empathy and dignity are some of the key pillars which form the basis of our UK service.

Chris Doherty – Managing Director and Founder


Where we are now

We are a trusted provider for over 600 individuals who receive our services. We support people with a range of needs right across London, all delivered from our Head Office in North Kensington and our Hounslow branch. Growth has come thanks to our excellent reputation among a local network of referrers, from community groups, social workers and advocates.

We have a large team of wonderful carers, many of whom I know personally, who have a range of interests and backgrounds. We’ll try to match your needs and interests with those of your carer. We also pay our carers very well (paying at least £11.05 in all contract boroughs), so as to attract the most caring and empathetic carers for you. Our carers are well trained and receive regular support to ensure they meet our very high standards.


My Promise to You

We know that choosing your care provider is an important decision, but please be assured that you will receive excellent care from Healthvision. Care that you can rely on to be on time from carers who show empathy and respect, uphold dignity and help you live full and happy lives. I am proud of the care we provide and would love the opportunity to discuss your needs further. Please feel free to contact me, or any member of the team, for an initial conversation.

Advisory Board

Paul Rackham – Highly Experienced Manager in Adult Social Care

Paul is an experienced Head of Social Care and Health Commissioning with a strong values-based approach and a demonstrated history of working with people who use services, their families and communities and the large and small organisations that support them. Paul’s management experience within adult services provides valuable insight for the Healthvision Advisory Board.

Chris Doherty – Founder & Managing Director

Sue Doherty – Founder and Board Member of Healthvision (New Zealand) Ltd

Sue Doherty is the founder of Healthvision (New Zealand) and was the operational heartbeat of the organisation for nearly 20 years. Since retiring from an operational role, Sue now sits on the Board of Healthvision (New Zealand) and is elected to the Healthvision (UK) Advisory Board.


John Doherty – Chairman of Healthvision (New Zealand) Ltd

John held senior leadership positions within Healthvision (New Zealand), including 14 years as CEO, and was instrumental in growing the business into one of New Zealand’s leading home healthcare providers. Since retiring from an operational role, John is now the Chairman of the Board of Healthvision (New Zealand) and is elected to the Healthvision (UK) Advisory Board.

Our carers

We carefully select and screen our carers to ensure they have the right attributes to be an outstanding carer (empathetic, caring, responsible and kind). We do this through a rigorous vetting procedure overseen by our experienced HR Officers, this includes:

  • Face to face interviews
  • Criminal record checks before starting
  • Attaining 2x professional references
  • Psychometric testing to assess job-fit


Further to this, we train, supervise and support carers once they are in our employment to ensure they continue to meet our very high standards, this includes:

  • A comprehensive 5 day induction training
  • Annual refresher training in dementia, care of medicine, safeguarding and patient handling techniques
  • Enrolment in Health and Social Care NVQ courses (62% of our carers have attained formal qualifications and nearly 20% are studying now)

Our commitment to support and training has been recognised by our CQC inspector, who said the following: All the staff files we looked at contained good evidence of regular supervision and staff told us that they felt supported and encouraged by the agency… All staff had completed annual mandatory training in core skills and health and safety topics”

We take time to understand our customer’s needs and wishes and then match them with the carer(s) who have the relevant skills. We also know how important it is to build a rapport between customers and carers, so try to match personality traits. We also understand the importance of having a small group of regular carers for each customer, this is a key determinant to quality and is therefore tightly managed. Here is what our CQC inspector said: ‘Managers ran a weekly continuity check to ensure that people were receiving care from a small number of staff and took this into account in setting rotas.’

Nearly 90% of our staff agreed that Healthvision was a great place to work – 2020 staff survey

Ethos and values

  • Dignity and respect for all
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Empathy
  • Reliability
  • Quality in all we do