Live-In Care – Is this best for me?

Planning your care and support can be a daunting prospect, but getting it right will make a huge difference to your quality of life. Choosing the right care can also help your budget go further. Live-in care is becoming an increasingly popular option for people, particularly those who need constant support. To help make this decision we have set out some of the benefits and challenges which you should consider if you are considering this option.

  1. Is live-in more cost effective?

The cost of live-in care ranges from £950 – £1,000 per week, depending on your needs, which is about the same as 50 hours of care throughout the week if buying by the hour. There are 168 hours in a week so if you needed constant support throughout the day and night then live-in care is probably more cost effective for you. However, if you just wanted someone to come for a few hours per day, then paying by the hour for standard home care is more cost effective.

  1. Is your home adequate?

A consideration for live-in care is whether there is enough space for another person to live in your home. There needs to be a separate bedroom with a comfortable bed, ideally with a TV and internet connection.

  1. Do you want someone living in your home?

Having someone living with you permanently can be quite an adjustment, particularly if you have been living on your own independently for some time. However the carer should be seen as a companion while you go about your daily life. You won’t need them around all the time so there will be times when you will be in separate rooms, or in the garden while your carer is in the house. It is important to carefully choose your live-in carer to ensure they most closely match your personality and interests, your carer might become your best friend!   

  1. Peace of mind

Live in care provides peace of mind for you, and your family, that someone is there to support you at all times. This includes supporting your practical health and care needs as well providing companionship.

If you would like any more information on live in care please contact our main office and we would be glad to answer any questions.